As advertisers “Shout, Shout, Let It All Out” in frustration over poor ROI for ad dollars they have wasted, they’re demanding “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes” to the advertising industry. And for some, “these are the things I can do without” is becoming the solution.

If you’re feeling that 2017 signals a time for change in your marketing strategy, you have excellent company. The year is off to a roaring start here at Imagine as companies seek to bring back clarity to advertising strategies. By creating a custom audio logo, our clients change their fortunes forever by reinforcing their brand in a way that no competitor can touch or tarnish and no prospective customer can ignore. Music is universally appealing and is the driving force of media today on every platform. The only features on YouTube that have views measured in the hundreds of millions are music videos of popular songs.

Imagine Words & Music is constantly receiving inquiries from businesses, radio companies and agencies from across North America—all of whom are seeking a return to real advertising ROI, so we’re happy to bring the kind of true measurement back to your ad budget that only a custom audio logo can deliver. And by measurement, we mean more dollars added to your bottom line.

According to many ad industry observers, there is a revolution forming in the marketing departments of companies the world over. Not to put too fine a point on it, but “the ____ is about to hit the fan”, according to the article last week by Bob Hoffman; the ‘Ad Contrarian’.

No stranger to calling a spade a spade, Mr. Hoffman makes very impassioned speeches to advertising agencies, companies and conferences across the globe. One of our favourites is available here, and highlights the undermining behaviour of ad industry decision makers about where to invest client’s marketing dollars since the early 2000’s. It’s about 45 minutes, so save it for the next time you’re waiting for a flight…it will lift you!

Whatever your tactic or opinion of the online ad landscape, there is real opportunity to succeed as long as a properly thought out multi-media strategy is adhered to. In other words, stick to a plan.

The past decade has seen billion dollar companies spend millions of dollars on re-branding, different messages for every conceivable demo, while summarily chasing a red herring. Fine if you love seafood, but the results have yielded oceans of confusion. According to many, it’s time to rediscover the meaning behind an age old advertising expression: “do you bait the hook with what you like, or what the fish likes?”

If you follow the world of marketing, you may know that leading companies are beginning to take stock of ad budgets too reliant on increasingly falsified digital measurement.

What’s to learn from this online soul searching of 2017? For one, it’s convenient for small businesses owners to take note of since larger companies are likelier to recover from costly mistakes. But it offers sobering realization that advertising was becoming increasingly effective until the ‘disruption’ of pop-up and banner ads distracted buyers from the real of goal of marketing: grow the recognition of the product and drive sales.

Click on this survey image (below) of radio and TV advertisers.  It shows an average of what respondents spend on online advertising—nearly HALF of digital dollars are spent on search engine positioning and social media.

Some things never change and at Imagine, we believe if you have a custom audio logo which causes the public to feel something positive about your company over time, that feeling will boost recognition of your company no matter where you show up in search results.

Yes your investment in mass media becomes more valuable too, but it only starts there. If the typical radio/TV advertiser spends over $60,000 each year to be ‘searched’ and ‘liked’, then it makes perfect sense to have your mass media advertising be more memorable and trustworthy.

Ask any of our customers, that’s exactly what a custom audio logo or “jingle” guarantees – and has done so for a century.

Until recently, ’Likes’, ‘Followers’ and ‘Click-thrus’ had become desirable and common buzzwords, but they have ultimately left too much of a sting in budgets from every sector of the economy.

It’s time for online advertising sellers to be more responsible, sensible and reasonable in touting return on investment; so says the online advertising industry itself in Fortune Magazine’s article from nearly TWO YEARS AGO: “The Ticking Bomb In The Online Advertising Market”

The ‘fan’ may fling around some unpleasantness in 2017, but companies with a strategy firmly rooted in true results, relationship building with new customers, plus memorable and viral marketing such as your own jingle will weather the “____-storm” just fine.

Remember; music soothes the savage beast…and the beast is restless—Andrew.