Why Imagine Words & Music Should be Your Producer.

There are a few other audio production companies out there who do what we do.

Very few who do it well.  What makes IMAGINE different?

The Imagine team is made up of 10 writer/producers. Each with over 20 years experience in creating music for advertising.

As a result, we are able to offer an exceptional range of musical styles.  Each writer is a specialist, and whether it’s rock, pop, jazz, country, ethnic, classical, comedy, whatever…we can make it happen.

As you will hear from sampling our work, IMAGINE easily avoids the trap of other music companies based around one writer – “it all sounds the same”.

Our depth of experience is especially noteworthy.  Our creative team has produced over 4,000 music signatures for clients across four continents and 11 time zones.  And each client is unique.  There are very few music production companies on the planet who can claim that level of experience.

As well, our composers and producers are not only successful in the advertising world, but in songwriting and record production as well.  Check out the “Our Producers” page for full bio’s on all the writer/producers.

Perhaps most importantly, North America’s largest broadcast companies trust us to create effective music signatures for their clients.  We regularly get referrals from radio stations representing the biggest names in the business – I♥Radio, Jim Pattison Broadcast, NewCap Radio, CORUS Radio, Rogers Media, Bell Media, Blackburn Radio Group, and many more have made us their first choice to recommend to their clients.

IMAGINE has always specialized in creating effective and memorable music for advertising.  It’s not a sideline, or a part of what we do.  It’s the only thing we do.  We believe music is one of the most effective tools available to convey ‘branding’ information in today’s competitive advertising environment.

We will put the quality of our work up against anyone in the world.  If you have a Hollywood-sized budget, maybe there are bigger companies to talk to.  But we don’t believe there is anyone doing better work for an affordable ‘local’ budget.

Thanks for listening.