About Radio Jingles

Top 10 Reasons To Have An ‘Audio Logo’

1. Get better RESULTS from your broadcast advertising.

There’s a reason why every McDonald’s commercial uses a consistent musical “signature”…and every Coke commercial, and every Chevy commercial, and every Budweiser commercial…in fact, almost every successful major advertiser.  Because it works.  Media surveys of the most-effective advertising campaigns consistently show the majority of the top finishers use an audio logo to help convey their message.

 2. Improve the MEMORABILITY of your message.

Adding rhythm and rhyme and melody to your message has been scientifically proven to increase its memorability dramatically.  Think of the A-B-C song our parents sang when we were children to teach each of us the letters of the alphabet.  Think of “McDonald’s…I’m Lovin’ It”.  An audio logo forces us to remember, even if we don’t want to.  If we can hum it…we can more easily remember it.  And nobody hums the announcer.

 3. Control your IMAGE.

Image is everything.  An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance.  Your audio logo is written to project exactly the image you want people to have of you.  If you don’t create your image, you leave it up to each of them to create their own image of you, and you have no control over that.

 4. Add EMOTION to your message.

Most of us choose a company or a store based on emotion…do I like this company? …do I trust this company? …will they treat me right? …will they still be there next year when I need them?  Music can have a profound emotional effect on the listener, and the most effective advertisers use the power of music to tap into these emotional buying channels.  With music, you are selling from the heart, to the heart.

 5. STAND OUT from the clutter.

Cut through.  Be different.  Get noticed.  The worst thing you can be is boring.  An audio logo cuts through a sea of spoken words to demand attention.  It’s like adding full colour to your broadcast ad, when everyone else is in black and white.  But you don’t pay any extra for full-colour airtime!

 6. Bring CONTINUITY to your broadcast advertising.

Chances are you don’t do any print advertising without using your print logo.  It provides instant, consistent, professional identification.  The music signature is a broadcast logo and is equally important, for all the same reasons.  It gives your advertising a consistent theme, so that people hear you the same way, every time.

 7. Sound more SUCCESSFUL.

It is true that we all like to follow the crowd.  If a restaurant or retail store is perceived as being popular, or the place to shop, then it tends to draw even more customers.  We assume that others have done their homework and decided this is the best place to eat/shop/etc., so we can feel good about going there too.  A commercial containing a custom audio logo is perceived by the listener as coming from a more successful company.

8. Project a PERSONALITY for your business.

It’s really helpful if you can get consumers to like you.  If they like you, they might be more loyal, or shop more frequently, or spend a little more.  This occurs by creating a marketable personality, a set of characteristics which are consistent over time.  Music and singing have long been used to effectively characterize every personality type…from humorous, to friendly, to cheap, to chic.  You need more than the personality of the radio station DJ who is voicing your commercial this week.

9. TARGET your audience more accurately.

Most advertisers go after a “segment” of the population.  The more effectively you can target your particular audience, the better your response will be.  Music, more than any other single element, enables the advertiser to tailor a message to the potential audience’s perception of reality and lifestyle.

 10. Make the best use of the AIRTIME you’ve booked.

                 Airtime is expensive, but only if it doesn’t work.  The only way to get the maximum return on your airtime investment is to put on the best 30 seconds you can get.  The audio logo is like advertising insurance…making sure you get the best results possible.