How does it work?

Have you ever caught yourself humming a familiar melody, seemingly out of nowhere?  Or had the experience of getting a song stuck in your head, playing over and over?

You’re not alone.

Our brains are wired to respond to music in very powerful ways.  Scientists have recently uncovered connections between music, memory, emotion and behavour that are measurable and unique.  As one example, patients with severe brain injuries or advanced Alzheimer’s who have virtually no short-term or long-term memory, but can still sing every song they ever heard growing up.

We all carry around the lyrics to thousands of songs we’ve heard over our lifetime.  That’s why there are TV game shows that ask people to recall song lyrics.  You hear a few notes and you can sing the whole song.  But the amazing part is – we don’t set out to intentionally learn all those lyrics…it just happens.

Custom audio logos (or ‘jingles’) capitalize on this amazing power by creating a unique combination of notes – a ‘melody’ – to go with your business name and slogan.  A melody so simple and catchy it can be recalled, hummed and sung easily.  Melody is like ‘glue’ – it sticks your name onto the listener’s brain whether they want it there or not.

In fact, most of us can remember the first jingle we ever heard.  And for most of us, it’s the same one!

Give up..?  It’s a bit of a trick question, but consider what a jingle is… a song created to help you remember something that would otherwise be hard to remember…

Now think of how we were all taught the alphabet as children, with the A-B-C “Alphabet song”.  It’s probably the first ‘jingle’ that most of us ever heard, and we still remember it today.

There’s a reason why virtually every successful advertiser has created a unique audio logo to identify themselves consistently in all their electronic media… because it works.