How to ENSURE you are INSURED against loss of recognition.

There are many ways to ensure being noticed and having your advertising message remembered and music is one of the most effective marketing tools to persuade and remind the human mind.

And there are numerous examples how to do it.

Clever wordplay with implied humour is one way, but much like “funny” commercials humour is VERY subjective and open to interpretation—like these song titles. Not everyone has the same reaction to…

“Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth ‘Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye”
“I Keep Forgettin’ I Forgot About You”
“I’ll Marry You Tomorrow But Let’s Honeymoon Tonite”
“My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend, and I Sure Do Miss Him”

Yes, we checked…they’re real.

Then there is the option of choosing a celebrity musician and attaching your reputation to the tabloid hijinx of their latest public escapade…or worse.

You can also choose music supplied ‘free of charge’ or in the public domain (music recorded more than 75 years ago—or 1942)…which may or may not have been used before by another advertiser.

But at Imagine Words & Music, we believe there’s nothing quite like having a unique audio logo that thoughtfully expresses your core brand message to the local community, ensuring a return on your marketing budget investment.

We like to call it “advertising insurance”. In reality it’s all about your image that you control as a local company, creating trust and familiarity whether your primary customer seeks you online or in a physical location.
At Imagine Words & Music, our happy customers constantly tell us that their audio logo creates recognition beyond compare to all other methods.  Our clients often say that having recognized theme music creates the desire to buy before the need of their product arises.  Now THAT is insurance to make sure new consumers seek you out, and current customers choose YOU over and over again.

We have many examples on our demo web page (“audio samples”). So click over and listen to the way different advertisers create a core message that reinforces the most important long-term elements of their identity. You won’t hear much about offers, sales, or addresses…but there is engagement, credibility, and instant familiarity—all while creating a positive feeling about the advertiser. Large or small, locally or globally, music needs little translating and never escapes the ear.

What’s the value of building around a core of friendly and trusted familiarity? In spite of thousands of likeable characters, toys, movies and TV shows, Disney has just a handful of principles at the centre of it’s unprecedented worldwide marketing success, as explained in

Disney is a master of using music to make the leap from just entertaining, to being remembered forever. Go ahead and whistle while you work!

So the best “advertising insurance” is to stay on message, help the consumer choose and be memorable. Encouraging a customer to try you instead of a competitor is simply changing a pattern or frame of mind.  The power of music to influence and alter that opinion or habit is unmatched.

Here’s a clever use of music that did just that. Taiwan’s department of sanitation long struggled with massive amounts of garbage. Too much of it didn’t get to landfills and cluttered the landscape. Signs were posted, fines were levied and bylaw police patrolled the streets. Recycling seemed like a distant dream and the battle was being lost. Then it all began to change thanks to one more tiny but powerful adjustment, as demonstrated by the music in this video—no translation required!.

That’s how Taiwan ensures cleaner streets—and perhaps reduce insurance costs by lowering the number of overflowing garbage cans on narrow roadways. If you can change someone’s habit about what they do with the packaging AFTER a purchase, you can certainly benefit by talking to them BEFORE they even have the need to buy.  That is the power of music and that is the insurance every company wants to get their hands on—Andrew