Justin Bieber knows the power of custom music and lyrics…it’s key to engaging the public.

So why add a custom audio logo to the marketing plan of your company? It starts with radio…but it certainly doesn’t end there. Convince an audience to embrace your brand and marketing through music that is designed to sell, then enjoy the payoff every time someone recognizes your image virtually any where else.

AM or PM, in AM or FM, in Canada and the USA, radio advertisers get the competitive edge with mobile consumers according to this latest study of in-car media consumption courtesy of Audience Insights. Click on the slides realizing someone asked these questions 2000+ times!

In fact, in the ever changing media landscape, FREE is something that drivers apparently will not detour around. And Canadian commuters are continuing to consume subscription-free AM/FM radio at a rate nearly 700% higher than satellite radio, the next most consumed mobile communications platform, as shown in slide 3 in the Audience Insights survey. The crackdown of handheld devices also seems to limit how the majority of drivers behave.

What does this mean for you as a radio advertiser using a custom audio logo? A guaranteed captive audience for up to 53 minutes at a time, according to the newest research.

So if commuters repeatedly hear your message as part of a very memorable 30 second song, in combination with your visual marketing, you will command a share of mind that is unparalleled with any other media.

As we roll in the power of music combined with information, this is where Justin Bieber enters the discussion. When you look at what FM radio is doing to promote Bieber’s latest, you’ll appreciate the opportunity that lies ahead in mediums with endless cross-platform promotional opportunities—and how music is key.

The trick today is understanding that unlike the confines of our vehicle cabins, outside the car, the media stage is crowded. As are the highways we cruise along every day when we leave home. Not a surprise considering that in 2015, vehicle sales growth hit the highest levels since the 1920’s. Yes…the 1920’s.

So next time you’re behind the wheel and concentrating on what lies ahead, consider the power of the 4-wheel “go anywhere medium” combined with the power of music based marketing. Justin Bieber is using it to makes sales, and so can you—Andrew.