You dig and dig…trying SO hard to get to break out and achieve the marketing recognition your company deserves, while seldom knowing what to expect on the other side.

There are very expensive methods to buy into the minds of consumers with a splashy campaign: celebrities mostly make money with endorsement deals. But for a small business that can’t afford to flush that much money on a rock star, why not use an effective method that made the celebrities famous in the first place…music.

Millions of people watch music competitions on TV. Hundreds of millions in royalties are paid out via iTunes downloads. Billions of dollars are spent attending concerts. In fact…the love affair is so strong that so far in 2016, American AM/FM listeners are reporting that they listen to radio 20% more this year than in 2015—a medium which is used predominantly to hear favourite songs and learn about new ones.

Something makes us feel so good that we even dedicate a special place in our hearts and minds that only music’s key will open (ask my mom about her first Beatles concert in the 1960’s—it seems like ‘yesterday’ for her).

People. Love. Music.

Oh right. You’re reading this to learn about advertising. Lets compare, in general, how advertising makes people feel.  As in our last blog, a recent study shows that typically 89% of advertising goes unnoticed…while 7% of advertising is disliked and 3% is liked. Apparently 1% is “other”…you can decide what that means.

We know music evades this circumstance, but what causes us to remember any advertising in the same way, and feel anything about it? Time Warner and Neilson Media Research decided its time to find out, beginning a new study that measures how people feel about marketing via virtual reality.

No doubt there are advertisers that will experience a biological flush once results start to surface (spoiler alert: my gut tells me that most people aren’t going to respond positively to any advertising that doesn’t have a jingle or distinctive music).

In a crowded media landscape, its refreshing to hear that a medium (radio) and method (music) have gained followers rather than just more reports of social media’s fragmentation causing confusion. Facebook faces so much “social competition” that time spent by it’s followers has come to a virtual standstill for the next 2 years according to this report.

But you can overcome stagnation in other advertising platforms!

For centuries, music-based advertising has supplied the cure for all kinds of communication requirements. From the 1700’s, when travelling minstrels would sing the virtues of a restaurant in exchange for being fed (and watered), to modern times where people feel ALL kinds of emotions when they hear the music of the Interior Provincial Exhibition (I.P.E.) in Armstrong, BC.

I.P.E. manager Bryan Burns immediately recognized the value of working with Imagine Words and Music to create an audio version of their logo capturing the excitement fair-goers experience. Bryan tells Imagine that the award-winning I.P.E. has benefited greatly from regional recognition and an enhanced impression of the fair as a professional organization. Also, he says he can’t Imagine a more efficient way to accomplish these results.

So…avoid the roller coaster of advertising nausea and give the public the thrill of enjoying your advertising with a custom audio logo. You too can help reduce marketing indigestion!—Andrew