Yelp. Trip Advisor. Google Reviews. It’s a slippery slope for companies online. And it can be a tougher battle if you spend time challenging bad reviews. Instead, survive the inevitable criticisms fair or otherwise and stay diversified, reach new prospects, and reinforce a positive message that you control.

We love a challenge at Imagine Words & Music, and when approached for finding solutions by a company that often deals with situations close to home needing URGENT solutions, we dug right into it.

Instead of waiting for customer reviews that could be difficult to achieve (who wants to admit they’re having a bathroom emergency) Indoor Elements Mechanical went right out and started telling everyone “no worries help is on the way”.

It’s well worth it for ANY business to offer solutions and peace of mind. Forever after hearing this song, no matter what happens in search results or on review pages, customers have the impression Indoor Elements is likeable, professional and trusted to look after the most precious place of all – the home – they must be doing good work.

Because Indoor Elements Mechanical worked with Imagine Words & Music to create a positive, memorable message, they get recognized long before most people need their help. Customers want to trust your business too.  That is why many people consult with search engines before deciding on a purchase or making a call.

To really be seen, you must be heard!

Regardless of the innovation (or often hype) that the internet brings for marketing opportunities, music continues to be a strong performer in the daily lives of your prospective customers. There is great opportunity using music to create continuity in all your marketing efforts, especially by influencing prospects when they are focused and able to absorb such as when they are in the car.

This handy snapshot captures this century’s shifting technology influencing how time is spent in the car.  But what is the number one preoccupation no matter the year?  Listening to music.   Advertising with your own ‘hit song’ fits right in.  And the greatest amount of time spent continues to be listening to a medium with which you can easily buy time.

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And while your prospects are busy and moving around, their money is just as mobile. As communication and entertainment options have evolved at breathtaking speed, so have the options for spending.  Shopping online, consumers have as much power to spend their money instantly as they do deciding their most convenient time and place to spend it. And guaranteed that most of the time, it won’t be the most convenient for a local business.

The only way to be in the right place at the right time today is being top of mind when a customer starts thinking of buying what you sell.

So are your expectations from advertising keeping pace?  According to this article, you’ll want to spend more time promoting the experience a customer will have with you, instead of just the price, offer, product or incentive.  Advertising is no longer the ATM that it once may have been.

Be consistent and develop an image of your company that is easy for the public to understand and engage with, such as your own “no worries help is on the way” impression.  There’s no greater way to ensure good word of mouth and avoid erosion of your hard-earned reputation!