The public is very choosy about what advertising they respond to. As a business owner, you should be as consistent and thoughtful as possible when reaching them.


Turns out people are less aware of your advertising than you may realize. But in our fast-changing world, it’s not a huge surprise that according to this article, 89% of advertising doesn’t get noticed.

Only about 11% of advertising DOES get noticed, and 3% actually liked. As a result, many businesses make rash decisions, wake up one day feeling (often for little reason) that it’s time to change 100%, then wonder weeks later where their traffic went. In reality, they at least had that 11%.  Some was getting noticed and bringing in business.

The solution lies in not only how to grow the 3% of your advertising that is liked, but reduce the 89% that goes unnoticed. The first step, is consistency.  So how do you stay consistent, yet avoid creating advertising that goes unnoticed?  Well for starters, our ears are more receptive than our eyes to advertising.  But before we really get into it, let’s take a moment and recharge.

Ah the lowly, hard working re-chargeable battery. We use dozens of devices that require them…and as anyone can attest that has found their vehicle dead at the end of the day, in the coldest week of the year, needing desperately to plug their phone in that died 20 minutes ago—batteries are that little wonder we never think of until they run out of juice.

But imagine being in the business of supplying something that no one thinks of buying unless they absolutely have to. How do you get noticed when you’re product is something that by nature, goes unnoticed?

Enter…Battery Boy, a retail battery-only outlet from Chatham, Ontario, and a happy customer of Imagine Words & Music.  Click below and enjoy 30 seconds that not only gets noticed, you crave hearing it twice.  Go ahead…listen as many times as you want…we’ll wait…

Working with Imagine, Battery Boy has discovered the most unique type of consistency; ear-catching music that creates an impression of the super hero-like role they can play in your greatest hour of need. Now how’s THAT for problem solving! All your devices may fail at the same time…but thanks to Battery Boy and your properly functioning batteries, you’ll be able to recharge and eventually move on.

By the way, Battery Boy attributes their growth in sales recently to adding more audio budget to their overall marketing plan. It gets noticed, customers comment, and they get asked how they came up with “that jingle”. Many advertisers would be very happy to one day hear that about their advertising.

Now that we’ve heard an example, lets talk more about reducing the 89% drain in your marketing devices!

In addition to consistency, it’s important to always be on message so your customer base receives a clear understanding. At the Battery Boy website, guess what their mascot is!

Also, make sure what you do in your advertising is consistent with your social media. According to this study, there has never been a stronger case or a more necessary time to combine social media with paid advertising. According to the author, it’s critically important to blend “online and offline” marketing to avoid being unnoticed.

Integrating online and offline marketing

Make a commitment to be consistent when blending your media, and use the power of custom-written music to carry your message under the consumer’s firewall to be remembered. Errors in judgement are costly when it comes to advertising budgets because fixing mistakes after the’ve been made is a lost investment right off your bottom line.

89% may be a good battery reading, but shocking as an amount of advertising that’s going…unnoticed!—Andrew

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